Sunday, 27 November 2011

my love to beast

Annyonghasayo,,my name is Ashirrun Arefays,,huh,I know people always say that my name is a little bit weird,but it sound good to me,today I wanted to tell that I'm feel in love,,not with ordinary human,,it is BEAST,,don't  be SHOCK,,because they are human,,HAHA,,just joking

for the beast this is my
personal savings for your picture

Let us see,,urmm,,found it
this is a picture before B2ST before debut
so cute right,,

and this is my favorite picture
he smile always make me melthing,,HAHA I joking again,,no human can melt right?
can you tell me,,who is this,,
he is YANG YO can know by looking the way he smile
don't beliave me?looked at this

same right?

now,,jun hyung,my friend always mad at me becouse did not called he JOKER,,and everytime they mad at me I will sad like this"he mother gave he that name right?so am i wrong calling he with his real name"and after that all my friend will shut up..
Jun Hyung,,he is more like a father or a mother to me,,because he face is really serious

the leader dun jung
he always make a funny joke and make me always smile when I watching his video or something
and Gi Kwang always make the girl in my school screaming ARRG3!!
like they are in a roller coster or something

 This is Seung Hyung,,he really like a dougther for the beast

and now the last one,,Doon Woon

and the last picture that i want to share is when they are together...